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Sun Sign Aries With Aries

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Cancer with Aries. . .
Water may put out the fire

CancerAries thrive on excitement and challenge. Cancer thrives on security, and has very sensitive feelings. Take a lot of control on the part of Aries not to trample all over Cancer's feelings. Cancer will need to be more vigorous in participating in Aries schemes and dreams. This is also a good business combination as both are cardinal signs, and therefore entrepreneurial in nature. Each person will need their own space and alone time to make this work.

CancerThe Aries 'on my mind- on my mouth' way is offensive to the Cancer sensibilities. Cancer feels Aries should be more considerate and sensitive to peoples feelings. Aries wonders what all the fuss is about. Cancer needs emotional support and encouragement, and feels everyone needs mothering. Aries doesn't like to be smothered. Are you seeing the differences? Aries requirement for independence is not in conflict with Cancer's needs for warmth and camaraderie but is in conflict with the Cancer possessive tenaciousness. Aries seems selfish, impersonal, and indifferent to Cancer at times. Aries is a me first type, while Cancer is the 'what can I do for you' type. Aries tends to take advantage of the Cancerian good nature. Aries could learn compassion from Cancer, and Cancer could learn to be more independent from Aries. Fire and water, remember water can put out a fire.

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