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Sun Sign Capricorn With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Capricorn with Aquarius . . .
The Call of the Wild

CapricornSteady, disciplined, reliable and focused, Capricorn is the epitome of tried and true techniques, the proven solutions. Aquarius is the grand experimenter, what's new? could be his byword. Always progressive, interested in 'the road less traveled,' Aquarius is a renaissance type. No steady, humdrum life, but an opportunity to try new things. To investigate, to be part of the untried way of doing things is what the Waterbearer is all about.

CapricornIt would seem that this would be an unlikely match, but not necessarily so. Aquarius may be just the dose of medicine Capricorn needs to lighten up. Not that Aquarius is a lightweight, but the inventive and investigative mind can open new vistas and make life a lot more interesting for Cappy. Aquarius, being rather lofty, can use some of the practical wisdom of Capricorn. Together you produce a nice balance of steadiness and progressiveness. A good business combination, can work on a personal level too. Your different attitudes and traits can be complementary rather than conflicting. Both of you are independent types which also works in your favor.

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