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Sun Sign Leo With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Leo with Aquarius . . .
A Most Idealistic Combo'

LeoFire and Air, air fans fire, so we have a lot of hot air or ideals unrealized. Two people living in never, never land. Ideal without the ability to integrate into practical execution. These are opposite signs, each looking for what it lacks in the other. Leo is an 'up close and personal' type, while Aquarius is friendly and aloof, prefers the group to the one-on-one. Leo, who is warm and emotional, may mistake this super friendliness for real warmth. Lions need to keep in mind that regardless of surface appearances, Aquarius is always cool and rational emotionally.

GeminiOpposite traits can cause a seesaw effect or create balance. For this relationship to work, there has to be an anchor that will help it realize its ideals. Leo has to take things a lot less personally and lighten up on the possessiveness. Although, both of these signs value independence, Leo values their own and can be quite possessive of a partner, while Aquarius values independence for all and is not possessive. This is a happy combination with lots of family and friends in the home or out and about. Both are outgoing and love company and are at their best in the midst of good times. A lot going for it, but get practical and in alignment.

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