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Sun Sign Libra With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Libra with Aquarius . . .
Friends Forever

LibraThis is a great friendship! You are both idealists with the same values. You are both into equality and fairness and can instantly spot the lack of these qualities in other people. Both of you are independent types, who scorn neediness, dependency or emotional demonstrations in yourself and others. You both prefer your relationships to be light, friendly and intellectual. You love to share ideas and common interests equally enjoying simple companionship. You share a love for mixing with other people and both tend to be joiners and group leaders.

LibraAquarius is more aloof, more detached and independent than Libra and has less need of a secure environment. Aquarius is more of the adventurer while Libra is more home oriented. Libra needs to be in a relationship and prefers to do everything together. Aquarius values their time alone and requires it. Both are romantics in theory; they love to read about romance, write about romance and talk about romance; but in practice they are better suited to a friendship than a romantic adventure.

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