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Sun Sign Pisces With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Pisces with Aquarius . . .
A Friendly Place

PiscesAquarius is a mental sign while Pisces is visceral. The intellect and the feelings, cool and rational versus warm and intuitive. Both of you are very open-minded and tolerant people, comfortable with the unconventional or bizarre. Aquarius, with a friendly and interested demeanor, effects his environment, while Pisces, also friendly and interested is effected by his environment. Where Aquarius is friendly and aloof, Pisces is sympathetic and compassionate. Aquarius, hears what you are saying; Pisces feels your pain.

AquariusAquarius is a humanitarian, more concerned with the ideals of a cause than with the individuals involved in it. Totally objective versus hopelessly subjective. Opposites? Sure, but this relationships works. These two offer harmony, a balance of ideals and feelings to each other. Aquarius offers a fertile positive environment for the sensitive Pisces, and Pisces gives to Aquarius an earthy sensitivity that keeps Aquarius out of the ether.

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