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Sun Sign Sagittarius With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Sagittarius with Aquarius . . .
Philosopher and the Realist

SagittariusPositive, outgoing, friendly and persuasive are traits easily recognized in these two signs. You both seek out new encounters, with people and life in general. You each find reasons to travel and make sure you know what is going on about you and out in the world. Where Sag' is philosophical and a story teller with a penchant to exaggerate, Aquarius is more factual, rational and terse. These two can converse till the wee hours and never get bored with each other. There is a touch of the romantic in both of you, Sag' for experiences, and Aquarius for causes.

SagittariusSag' is more malleable and open than Aquarius, who is stubborn and opinionated, both however, value their independence and freedom. This is a good match, possessiveness is never an issue. Although, your temperaments are different, you have much in common. This is a friendship based relationship with the potential to work out really well.

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