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Sun Sign Taurus With Aquarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Taurus with Aquarius . . .
Up Close and Distant

TaurusOh!...the many difficulties of this relationship. Taurus is an up close and personal type, warm, touchy-feely, lover of creature comforts and very stubborn. Your not-so-average Aquarian very friendly and very independent and mostly aloof. Never mistake friendliness for closeness with the Aquarian. By the way, also very stubborn. Aquarius is a handful for the Staid Taurus, and has the ability to make the normally even tempered Taurus rage like a bull.

TaurusThe conservative ways of Taurus wear on the dynamic anti-establishment Aquarius and tempers will fly. On the compatible side we have both loving ease and comfort but the way they go about attaining these are quite different. So much for compatibility! This relationship is a ten rounder.

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