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Sun Sign Virgo With Leo

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Leo . . .
A Peace of Compromise

VirgoVery different types of people. Leo is an up front person who craves the limelight, thrives on recognition, love and applause; Virgo is quiet, prefers the background and is a perfectionist, as well as a chronic nitpicker. Leo is proud, warm, big-hearted and a free-spender; Virgo is pragmatic, aloof, modest, sometimes shy, and counts pennies. Virgo is more emotionally self-sufficient than Leo, and may not provide all of the strokes and appreciation the lion needs.

VirgoVirgo can be quite picayune, and when it is directed at Leo it can be detrimental to the relationship. Leo's sensitivity to criticism, even Virgo's 'constructive criticism' is always evident. If you want to hear the Lion roar, just criticize him. Virgo is more concerned with details, Leo with the overview. Leo is a 'hit the ground running' type while Virgo does nothing without full analysis, knowing all the details. They could drive each other crazy. This can work if Leo overlooks a lot, and Virgo finds catering to Leo worth the efforts necessary.

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