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Sun Sign Virgo With Libra

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Libra . . .
Form with Substance

VirgoBoth have a sense of aesthetics, a feel for the beautiful. Both are influenced by status. This is a good combination for creating beautiful results; art; architecture; writing, a creative collaboration. Virgo is the pragmatist, absorbed in detail and analysis, everything must be perfect and Virgo will work to make it so. Libra is the dilettante, the charmer, the people person who makes friends easily and never offends anyone.

VirgoThese two can mesh nicely if each understands how to get along with the other. Both are willing, flexible people and Libra, who avoids confrontation at all costs, will only be too willing, and Virgo, who can't resist the Libran charm will do whatever it takes. This can be a productive and easy relationship with each bringing out the best in the other. Possibly pristine.

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