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Sun Sign Virgo With Pisces

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Pisces . . .
Perfect Chaos

VirgoThese are opposite signs. Virgo is discriminating, precise, analytical, quite critical, and a perfectionist. Order, and attention to details are paramount to Virgo. The question will be, can Pisces survive this? Pisceans are sensitive, feeling people, easygoing and lackadaisical. Pisces, being the plastic creature of the universe can more easily endure this relationship than our finicky Virgo. Pisces will find form in this relationship and may even take on some opposing traits as virtues. Virgo, on the other hand is the one to suffer. Less flexible than Pisces, Virgo's comfort level is all wound-up in order and predictability.

VirgoAs opposite signs you each have traits that can balance the relationship or send it on its seesaw end. Difficult living together, but much compatibility too. Both of you are gentle folk, kind hearted and with simple needs. If you can keep the Mad Hatter at bay, you can get this to work.

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