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Sun Sign Virgo With Sagittarius

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Sagittarius . . .
Practical Visions

VirgoSagittarius is a free spirit, a visionary, a romantic, Virgo would like to fix that. According to Virgo everyone needs a little fixing. Actually, this has the possibility of being a good relationship. Sag' can use an anchor from time to time, Virgo is the right kind and only too willing. Ideas and ideals are fine, but unless there is some substance to get them working, they will stay ideas and ideals. Virgo can help here.

VirgoIf you can manage to resolve the probable conflicts; Sag' letting Virgo help with the details; Virgo allowing yourself to get caught up in the dream, then you can have a working and happy relationship together.

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