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Sun Sign Virgo With Scorpio

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Scorpio . . .
But Seriously...

VirgoThis is not a lighthearted combination, for these are serious people. Virgo is pragmatic, reserved, sometimes shy, often highly intelligent and always analytically detailed. Scorpio is willful, intense, reserved and driven by deep emotions, they feel the truth or falseness of people and events. Where Virgo is cautious, Scorpio is forceful. Both persevere until they get what they are after, Virgo through rational analysis, Scorpio through intuition and good detective work, anchored with an intelligence that comes from the gut senses. Virgo values substance. Scorpio is substance

VirgoThis is too heavy a combination of dramatic traits, you will have to seek out ways to lighten it up. Too much analysis can end a relationship. Can be good for friendship or business, but as a love relationship, it needs some lighter tones.

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