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Sun Sign Virgo With Taurus

Compatibility Potential Between the Signs



Virgo with Taurus . . .
To Have and Have Not

VirgoYou share much in common, but Taurus is a touchy-feely kind and Virgo is more passive and aloof. Taurus is staid and generally satisfied in familiar surroundings while Virgo is exacting and more than a bit of a perfectionist. Taurus is content, and Virgo is always rocking the boat, trying to refine everything and everyone. Pic, pic, pic will eventually get even tempered Taurus raging like a bull.

VirgoThis works if each respects the other's temperament and overlooks a lot. On the plus side, there are many commonalties here, patience and effort will cultivate them. Virgo is the more flexible, so it will need to be Taurus who bends.

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