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Mercury in Aquarius Mercury in Aquarius
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Aquarius . . .

AquariusYour mind, your thinking, the way you communicate is refined, original, penetrating and critical. You have good powers of observation and keen judgment. You are outgoing, have good reasoning and concentration. You are a humanitarian, love intellectual discussions, like science, occult and all things progressive.

AquariusWith your Sun in Capricorn, you tend to have a more serious nature, with a definite scientific interest. You are progressive in practical pursuits. With Sun in Aquarius, all Aquarian traits are reinforced. Very independent, will not be lead. Future oriented with a kind and friendly disposition.

AquariusWith sun in Pisces you are bestowed with a kind and loving nature. Very sympathetic to animals and people in distress. This placement ends to strong idealism and active imagination.

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