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Mercury in Aries Mercury in Aries
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Aries . . .

AriesYour mind, your thinking, the way you communicate is enthusiastic, restless, impulsive, argumentative and entrepreneurial. You like to debate issues and you are good at it. Your have a quick mind and you are quick in action. You are eager, earnest and expressive and have a penchant for the written word, both reading and authoring. You are very self-willed and confident, possibly arrogant. Your ideas are usually interesting, clever and you present them in unusual and inventive ways. Your avid curiosity and general enthusiasm cause you to go from one thing to another. You are better at initiating than follow through.

AriesIf your Sun as well as Mercury are in Aries than all the Aries traits are reinforced since your mind works in a unified Arian manner. This is the placement of the ultimate entrepreneur. You need to use the brakes now and then, though.

AriesWith Sun in Taurus, you are more conservative and stable. Emphasis here is on the physical, with a strong sensual nature and interest in finance. With Sun in Pisces this planetary configuration lends imagination and moodiness. Excellent placement for writers.

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