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Mercury in Libra Mercury in Libra
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Libra . . .

LibraYour mind, your thinking, the way you communicate is refined and fair. You are broad-minded, use judgment and reason before making decisions and prefer others opinions. You love to dabble and maintain an interest in the arts and everything beautiful. You enjoy delicate work, have a good head for math and are inventive. Very sociable, not a loner, must have a companion.

LibraWith your Sun in Virgo, more conservative, self-sufficient and thoughtful. Increases perfectionism and the artistic abilities, especially writing or design. With Sun in Libra all traits are more dominant. Strong dislike of any kind of discord. Seeks a harmonious and peaceful environment. Beautiful surroundings appeal and must be in a relationship. This position doesn't do well alone. Has a feel for quality and aesthetics.

LibraWith Sun in Scorpio, Mercury in Libra lends a certain charm and lightness to the intense Scorpio nature. You are more self-sufficient with a keen mind and quick wit. Also, very sensual.

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