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Mercury in Sagittarius Mercury in Sagittarius
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Sagittarius . . .

SagittariusYour mind, your thinking, the way you communicate is optimistic, ambitious, sincere, fair, generous and quite independent. You can be impulsive and rash as well as rebellious. You rely more on intuition, rather than rational thinking. You are philosophical and can be prophetic. You are an open and active thinker, changeable but progressive.

SagittariusWith your Sun in Scorpio, you tend to be more reserved, argumentative and critical. Adds tenacity, determination and an enterprising nature. With Sun in Sagittarius, all Sagittarian traits are emphasized. Strong willed, sincere, earnest and independent.

SagittariusSun in Capricorn, lends seriousness to the nature. You are more concerned with practical and economic issues. More frugal and matter of fact, with less enthusiasm for the sensational. A preference for substance over form.

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