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Mercury in Scorpio Mercury in Scorpio
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Scorpio . . .

ScorpioYour mind, your thinking, the way you communicate is positive, bold and forceful. You can be ingenious, shrewd and often sarcastic. You are a lifelong learner. You love to probe the heavy stuff. A real detective, a researcher you are at your best in pursuit of information. You are mentally resourceful, a bit paranoid and very private.

ScorpioWith your Sun in Libra, you are lighter, more charming and witty. You have an excellent mind for math and all scientific pursuits. Very committed to relationships. They are a lifetime investment. With Sun in Scorpio all Scorpio traits are emphasized. You are a very private person and resent interference in any way. You accomplish much by sheer strength of will and perseverance.

ScorpioWith Sun in Sagittarius, independence is stressed. You can be an island unto yourself, needing no one. You are frank, fearless, outspoken, yet need to curb a tendency of foot-in-the-mouth disease.

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