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Mercury in Taurus Mercury in Taurus
Planetary Placement in the Twelve Signs
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Mercury in Taurus . . .

TaurusYour thought process, and the manner in which you communicate is deliberate and well considered. A conservative thinker, your mind turns to the solving of practical problems. You have little interest in the abstract. You are always concerned with the consequences of your actions. You are usually pleasant and easygoing, demonstrate good judgment, and have a friendly and affectionate disposition. You have a leaning to religion, music, poetry, art, and finance. Individuals with this planetary placement are often gifted with an excellent memory and quiet determination. You tend to be willful and obstinate, continuing on a course of action through thick and thin, even when the road signs say yield.

TaurusIf both your Sun and Mercury are in Taurus, then all your Taurus traits are emphasized. If your Sun is in Aries, then the practical and sensual are reinforced. You tend to be quicker on the uptake and less conservative; a little more interested in the abstract.

TaurusSun in Gemini adds refinement and a sharpening of your comprehension. Mercury in Taurus lends stability to the naturally mercurial Gemini nature. This placement provides you with a much broader range of interests. There is also an indication of writing ability.

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