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Mercury in Virgo . . .

VirgoYour mind, your thinking and the way you communicate are discriminating and skeptical. Before you believe anything you have to have the facts. You must understand something thoroughly before you accept it. You make an excellent student, writer or researcher. You love mental activities that challenge you. You are a critic with extreme attention to detail. You are drawn to areas of health, hygiene and healing. You tend to be serious and studious, an intellectual.

VirgoWith your Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo gives you necessary attention to detail that is lacking in Leo. Leo is interested in the bottom line, the big picture, so Mercury in Virgo imparts a penchant for detail and exactness. Good business combination. Also adds a meticulous nature to Sun in Leo. With Sun in Virgo, all Virgo traits are emphasized. You are a perfectionist with a need to serve and a highly developed critical sense.

VirgoWith Sun in Libra, you have a gentle and loving nature with a refined outlook and a liberal mind. Excellent self-expression here. You should possess writing abilities and a natural tendency towards other artistic outlets.

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