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EarthloreViewers' Views is a new feature at Earthlore which provides
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EarthloreEach of the questions presented is related directly to a subject
Earthlorecurrently under development. In time, we shall be opening full
Historystudies on each topic, which allow for in-depth participation
Historyand candid exchange.

HistoryTo begin the process we have initiated Viewers' Views as an
Historyopen public forum. In some cases we shall be making excerpts
Historyavailable on the Earthlore pages so that others, may also
Historyhear what you have to say. We shall only do this if we have
Historyyour permission. This is not a requirement for participating.

MysteryYou are the reason why Earthlore was created. Therefore it is
Mysteryof a great interest to us what your own perspectives and ideas
Mysteryare regarding the subjects featured. Recognize that your words
Mysteryhere will be received with deep appreciation, yet feel at ease to
Mysteryexpress yourself naturally and openly. This is not a judgmental
Mysterydebate, but an exchange of ideas. Consider it a meeting at a
Mysterymodern age crossroads, with an intent of comparing notes.

MysteryWhether you would like to share your thoughts with others on
Mysterythe Earthlore sites or prefer to exchange these ideas solely with
Mysteryour own creative team here is entirely up to you.

MysteryI am looking forward to your thoughts!

MysteryFrancis Lewis
MysteryTheme Editor for Historic Mysteries

MysteryThe question for this message form is:

MysteryDid the ancients possess technologies of which we
Mystery are still unaware today?


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