Elore - Legacies of Knowledge for Those Who Live to Learn

The Beginning of a New Era

We are now preparing for you the most extensive expansion in our history.

It is twenty-eight years since Elore was established online. Like the Internet itself our resources have transformed dramatically across time. Currently we are engaged in an expansive enlargement of features and assets across the entire Elore platform.

All themes are being expanded with new and enhanced content. Within the weeks and months ahead, several new features will be premiered including Journey Lore and the independent Elore News site.

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What is Elore?

Illumined Engagement
“Whoever afflict us, whatever surround,
Life is a journey that's homeward bound.”

—Herman Melville

You have entered unto a pathway which leads into the adventurous realms of Elore.

You are now at a threshold of a journey into vast landscapes of culture and history. Before you is a unique quest where the inheritance of collective existence awaits the intentions of your exploration. Here you will encounter the many legacies of our ancestors; treasures of ancient cultures presented within contemporary forms and settings.

The intent of Elore is to encourage and support individual quests and original thinking. These features were created as source for content rich interaction crafted upon the personal experiences and findings of those who have immersed themselves in these fields of study. Engaged in the lifelong process of unfolding who they are, through both outer and inner explorations, each contributor brings to Elore hard won, first-hand knowledge of featured topics.

Legacies of Knowledge ...

What You Will Discover Here

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Resources for Learning

Our intent is to provide quality content for individuals who choose self-motivated learning paths along cultural and historical themes.

These resources are constructed with a broad range of materials provided by contributors spanning many cultures. Engaged in the process of unfolding who they are, through both outer and inner explorations, each creative brings to Elore hard won experience, knowledge and expertise.

The function of Elore's on-line resources is to provide introductory and advanced level content presented in a manner that inspires interest towards deeper study and fuller appreciation of the featured subject. Supplementing featured materials are reviews of and access to quality resources elsewhere on the Internet as well as off-line media forms.

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Archives of Legacy Content

All that has been known, cared about, created and experienced comprises the collective lore of humanity. Across time much has been lost beyond recovery. What remains, however, are vast resources of the historical and cultural legacies left to us by our ancestors.

The technological tools of the digital era allow us to access legacy resources with greater ease than at any other time in history. The sheer volume of material available makes the task of research and study daunting, at times overwhelming.

The primary directive of Elore is to provide avenues of access to the legacies of collective lore which support individual exploration and study. Throughout the Elore environment contemporary explorers can set off on journeys of learning accompanied by the heritage of travellers who have crossed these paths for many centuries.

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Interactive Projects

The Elore features provide objective resources which support individual research into the varied fields of historical and cultural study.

Traditions of lore thrive only when they are nurtured, nourished and enhanced. In service to these ends Elore generates and supports collaborative projects with which visitors may interact and contribute. Participants will have the opportunity to voice their own views and share experiences which may or may not agree with established ideas.

The intent is not to challenge aged views, but to add contemporary vantage points to existing lore so that fresh perspectives will continue to evolve our understanding of all that we know.

... for Those Who Live to Learn.

Elore Feature Resources

Notre Dame de Paris in Flames.


History as it Transpires.

Mask of Tutankhamun


Oases of Learning.

Statue of a Muse


Resources of Distinction.

Explorer in the Mountains.

Journey Lore

Personal Engagement with the World.

Church of the Sacred Heart on Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona

Gothic Dreams

Appreciation of Architectural Legacies.

Piazza San Marco Astrological Clock, Venice

Astrology Lore

Cultural History of Heavenly Influence.