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Who changes like a changeful season?
Holds fast and let's go without reason?
Who is there that can give adhesion—
To Cancer?

An Earthlore Introductory Study Element
Featuring Astrologer: Laura Laurance
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Sun in Cancer

June 22
July 22

     If you were born close to the beginning or end of Cancer, say within 2 days of the first or last day, this is referred to as being born on 'The Cusp'.  People born on a cusp tend to possess traits of two Sun signs which overlap, blend and often merge.  If you were born within a cusp period you will very likely find it interesting and beneficial to read about both Cancer and its neighbor nearest to your birthday.

     Individuals born on the first or last day of Sun sign Cancer will occasionally find their birthday placed within Gemini or Leo.  The shift in cusp dates is due to the alternating progression of the Sun from sign to sign.  While the difference in Sun sign dating is often a matter of hours, the varyance can extend as much as a full day.  Having a reliable Natal chart cast will reveal precisely where the Sun was at the time you were born.  For the present, the dates below will help to determine which Study Elements are relevent to your birth date.

19 June - 23 June:
Gemini & Cancer
20 July - 24 July:
Cancer & Leo

Read the brief introduction below to learn more about Sun sign cusps.

Foundation Stone of Learning: Introduction to Cusps

Ruling Planet

Earthlore Explorations Astrology: The Moon
The Moon

     "You get tough in this business, until you get big enough to hire people to get tough for you.  Then you can sit back and be a lady."
  —Natalie Wood,   Born July 20, 1938




Cancer Element: Water

The Crab


Grays & Greens



Holland, Scotland,
New Zealand

Earthlore Explorations Astrology Cancer: New York City

New York, Venice

     "A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn't play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly."
  —Pablo Neruda,   Born July 12, 1904


White Blossoms,
Particularly Roses

Earthlore Explorations Astrology Cancer: Verbena Flower
Verbena Flowers

Tarragon, Verbena

Body Areas:
Chest, Breasts,


Protective, Sensitive,

Renowned Cancer
Earthlore Astrology - Renowned Cancer: James Cagney
     "Learn your lines, find your mark, look 'em in the eye and tell 'em the truth."
  —James Cagney,   Born July 17, 1899

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    Sydney Omarr's Cancer 2010
         "Be sure to visit the Astrology section of this gorgeous website, dedicated to the history and mythology of many traditions. One of the most beautifully designed sites we've seen."
      —Sydney Omarr

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         "They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?"
      —Lady Diana,   Born July 1, 1961

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    Symbol: Scorpion

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    Nov 23 - Dec 21
    Symbol: Archer

    Tenth sign
    Dec 22 - Jan 20
    Symbol: Sea goat

    Eleventh sign
    Jan 21 - Feb 19
    Water bearer

    Twelfth sign
    Feb 20 - March 20
    Symbol: Fish pair

    Renowned Cancer
    Earthlore Astrology - Renowned Cancer: Frida Kahlo
       "A little while ago, not much more than a few days ago, I was a child who went about in a world of colors, of hard and tangible forms.  Everything was mysterious and something was hidden, guessing what it was was a game for me.  If you knew how terrible it is to know suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning elucidated the earth.  Now I live in a painful planet, transparent as ice; but it is as if I had learned everything at once in seconds."
      —Frida Kahlo,   Born July 6, 1907

    Read the first Historic Overview of Astrology and learn about the Early Concepts of Heavenly Influence.

    Earthlore Lore of Astrology Historic Overview

         "Our grave astronomers are no longer astrologers, but they still call certain constellations by the names given them in Babylonia. Every time we look at our watches we are reminded of the ancient mathematicians who counted on their fingers and multiplied 10 by 6, to give us minutes and seconds, and divided the day and the night into twelve hours by multiplying six by the two leaden feet of Time. The past lives in the present."
      —Donald A. Mackenzie,
      Myths of Babylonia and Assyria, 1915

    "Let every one mind his own business, and endeavor to be what he was made.  If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."     —Henry David Thoreau, born July 12, 1817

    An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Cancer

    Cancer   The name derives from Latin, meaning literally, the crab.  The ruler of the fourth sign of the zodiac is the Moon, the Crab, its symbol.  The glyph has varied interpretations.  This is often seen as representing the breasts, Earthlore Cancer: San Marino Stamp indicating the area of the body ruled by Cancer, as well as the fundamental nurturing nature of the sign.  This is also seen as two crab's claws, intertwined in a way which represents the dual nature of the Cancerian personality.  In this form, it would be understood as similar to the Asian Yin and Yang symbol.

    The Cancerian character is the most perplexing of the signs.  Cancer can range from the timid, shy, dull and withdrawn to brilliant, friendly and famous.  Cancerians run the entire gamut of human emotion. Fundamentally conservative and home-loving by nature, they appreciate the security of a home-base in which to retire when the stresses of living become too much to bear.

                              Don't be downcast, soon the night will come,
                              When we can see the cool moon laughing in secret
                              Over the faint countryside,
                              And we rest, hand in hand.
                                From: On a Journey by Hermann Hesse, born July 2, 1877

    Sun Sign Personality Traits for Cancer

    Cancerians possess strong paternal and maternal instincts.  The term nest is an appropriate label for the Cancerian home, because it describes a natural and comfortable type of residence.  A retreat for the family, where you can put up your feet and feel at home.  Appearing formidable and thick-skinned, Cancerian's have an unemotional demeanor, appearing uncompromising and obstinate.  This is the facade they use to mask an insecure nature.  Their intimates, however, may see a different character, one with sympathy and sensitivity to other people, especially those they love.

    Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology Cancer: Manuscript Depicting Somatic Correspondences Manuscript Depicting Somatic Correspondences.

    Cancer is an energetic, purposeful and tenacious type.  Shrewd and intuitive by nature, Cancerians sometimes project a wisdom which reflects their philosophical view on life.  Cancer is able to identify with the feelings of others because of the keen sensitivity of their nature.  This capacity for tuning in to others can inspire sympathetic understanding, however, it may also express itself through mimicry or parody.  They respond foremost to the urges and dictates of their feelings, thus, the Cancerian can be moody, sulky and inclined to self-pity.  Cancer tends to absorb their environment and is over-imaginative by nature.  Care should be employed here, as that vibrant sensisitivity makes one prone to be a victim of fantasy.  Strongly influenced by childhood memories, Cancerians have a tendency to live in the past.

    "When from a long-distant past nothing subsists, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered, still, alone, more fragile, but with more vitality, more unsubstantial, more persistent, more faithful, the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us, waiting and hoping for their moment, amid the ruins of all the rest."       —In Search of Lost Time, by Marcel Proust, born July 10, 1871

    By nature, very giving and selfless, Cancerians need to be aware of falling into the role of martyr in certain situations.  One of the interesting contradictions in their nature is that they are prone to a sense of personal inferiority on one hand, and on the other they believe their views, opinions and behavior to be impeccable, and beyond question or criticism.   Strange!

    The overall nature of Cancerians is deeply emotional.  Although private and reserved, they possess sensitivity and sympathy.  Rarely will a Cancer stand on pretense.  What appears to be a front is nothing more than a protective shell.  Within this tough armor often resides an intuitively compassionate individual yearning for a deep exchange of love and understanding.

    "In the stormy days of our youth, we imagine that solitude is a sure refuge from the assaults of life, a certain balm for the wounds of battle.  This is a serious mistake, and experience teaches us that, if we cannot live in peace with our fellow-men, neither romantic raptures nor aesthetic enjoyment will ever fill the abyss gaping at the bottom of our hearts."       —George Sand, born July 1, 1804

    Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology Cancer: 15th Century Manuscript Detail of Cancer15th Century Manuscript Detail of Cancer.

    The Planet Mercury

    Where is the Planet Mercury in Your Birth Horoscope?

    Of all the planets within our solar system, Mercury is nearest to the Sun.  There is a direct correspondence to this fact in the mapping of an individual's birth chart.  With the exception of the Moon, Mercury revolves through the zodiac faster than any other planet; yet its proximity to the Sun insures that its placement will always be near to or on par with the subject's Solar sign.

    It is likely that you will be able to determine where Mercury was at the time of your birth without consulting an astrologer.  By reading the three potential profiles, it is often uncanny how clearly one of them will fit to us.  I thought you would enjoy trying this out for yourself.  You can explore the three positions of Mercury through the following links:
          Mercury in Gemini      Mercury in Cancer      Mercury in Leo

    I am always interested to know what you think and discover.  Feel welcome to write!  Material is currently being developed on the other planets.  If you are interested, we would be pleased to keep you updated on their progress.  Just send me a brief request!

    Would you like to participate in an on-line study of Cancer?

    Vocational Interests Suited to Cancer Tendencies

    Their abilities fit them for a range of careers.  Always interested in what people are thinking, they have an intuitive sense that makes them good journalists, writers or politicians.  They do well in the public sector, and may serve in anything from welfare and nursing to catering.  Their love of good living and comfort is personified in many excellent chefs and housekeepers.  Cancer has a penchant for trade or business.  Being superior organizers, with a sense of value and economics, they are often successful in industry.  The Cancer's love of the past make some of them great history buffs, and others, astute antique and curio collectors.  Other suitable vocations are real estate, and the service fields of gardening and caretaking.  True to their native element, many Cancers are involved in marine activities.

    Earthlore Historic Overview: 'Early Astrology'

    With a natural flair for the dramatic, many Cancerians make life choices that provide outlet for their artistic talents.  Wheter playing a role for stage or screen, one place these folks will always shine is performing before an audience.  It may be an outward manifestation of that keen sensitivity or merely a native aptitude for immitating the mannerisims of others, call it what you will ... Cancer connects.  Some of the most successful and enduring carreers in Theatre and Cinema were born within this Sun sign.

    Reknowned Cancers include legends like Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland and Yul Brynner as well as contemporary stars such as Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise.  Others have expressed their sense of drama behind the scenes on stage and film.  Cancer has given birth to great showmen, directors, designers, choreographers and producers.  Among them, P. T. Barnum, George M. Cohan, Jean Cocteau, Ingmar Bergman, Bob Fosse and Sydney Pollack.

    "It's a strange thing that every human being has a sort of dignity or wholeness in him, and out of that develops relationships to other human beings, tensions, misunderstandings, tenderness, coming in contact, touching and being touched, the cutting off of a contact and what happens then.  I want very much to tell, to talk about, the wholeness inside every human being."      —Ingmar Bergman, born July 14, 1918

    Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology: The symbol for Cancer; Seventeenth century European Zodiac The symbol for Cancer;
    Seventeenth century European Zodiac.

    Insights to a Cancerian Relationship

    In their personal relationships they are a mixture of toughness and tenderness. Emotional, romantic and sentimental on one side, and tenaciously possessive and loyal on the other side. Even when they have affairs, their first loyalty is to their partner and family.

    "In love, one should simplify, choose persons worthy of their promises and leave them if they don't keep them."
          —Isabelle Adjani, born June 27, 1955

    Cancers tend to a narrowly focused worldview of which they can be very opinionated.  'Live and let live' is rarely spoken by a Cancerian.  They have a retentive memory, and seldom forgive slights and hurts.  A Cancerian will never let you forget an error. Like a beach crab, with pincers raised, a slighted cancer will come at you again and again to avenge a perceived hurt.  Conversely, Cancers are fiercely loyal to those who show them a good turn.  They are driven by their emotional nature, and, in this respect, can be the best and the worst of friends.

    Discover how compatible you are with others:

    Sun Sign Cancer

    The Lore of Cancer in Mythology

    Mythology is closely interwoven with Astrology.  Despite all that we do not know about the origins of either lore it is certain that starwatching began with passion on humanity's first night beneath the open sky.  Somewhere in time, shapes were perceived, figures imagined, names given and stories were told about the densely populated tapestry of the heavens.  All elder cultures throughout the world developed tales of the constellations which over time were imbued with meaning to explain various phenomena of our existence within the cosmos.

    Mythology in general is far more than a collection of "make believe" fantasies created by primitive societies to explain away what they could not understand.  The role of Myth in a society was to set the abstract complexities of Nature within a context of story that the human mind could comprehend.  Wondering long on what keeps the world from falling through space or whether the dawn will follow night is a costly distraction when there is hunting to do and crops to tend.  Story sets cosmic ideas in a scale we can relate to, human scale, which establishes a sense of accord and instills a faith that all is well with the universe.

    Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology Cancer - Hercules vs_ the Hydra, by Cornelis Cort

    Astrology and Mythology serve a similar function in this regard.  We benefit from Astrology not so much as a tool of fortune-telling but as a directional guide to understanding who we are individually and what our unique role ought to be in this life.  As Carl Jung stated, Astrology claims only that we each possess the qualities of the year and of the season in which we were born.  To discern just what those qualities are ... is as fascinating to each of us as the night sky.

    The association of Cancer with water dates back to the shadowy dawn of astrology. The image of the crab is Babylonian in origin. In Egypt, this sign was represented by two turtles, and sometimes as an obscure water creature, known as Allul.

    Image at right : Hercules versus the Hydra; engraved by Cornelis Cort in 1565 for his Labors of Hercules series.

    The later placement of the crab within the zodiac is related to a minor chapter in Greek mythology, within the Twelve Labors of Herakles.  The first labor of Herakles' (Hercules to the Romans), had been to kill the Lion of Nemea, (See Leo).  Next in line was the fearsome, many-headed Hydra, a great sea monster, living in the marshes of Lerna.  Hera, the goddess who sent Herekles to these tasks, often encouraged his failure.  During his battle with Hydra, Hera commanded a nearby crab to attack Herekles and draw his attention away.  Without question, the little creature took a claw-hold of a conspicuous toe.  This act cost the crab its life, for Hercules abruptly crushed him.  Impressed by its loyalty and courage, Hera placed the crab's image in the night sky.

    The Hydra had been a favorite to Hera, and was equally honored by the goddess.  Not far from Cancer in the sky, lies the vast, chaotic constellation named for the great beast.  Cancer itself, is not a brilliant constellation.  At its heart, However, is a lovely star cluster, sometimes known in astronomy as the Beehive.  The name derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity.

    Traditional Cultural Translations of Cancer
    Arabic: Al Saratān  Taurus French: l'Écrevisse
    German: Krebs  Taurus Greek: Octipes  Taurus Hebrew: Sartān
    Hindu: Kulira  Taurus   Italian: Granchio  Taurus   Portuguese: Câncer 
    Sanskrit: Karkata   Taurus   Spanish: Cáncer  Taurus  Turkish: Lenkutch

    "I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good.  I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose.  Bound to lose.  No good to nobody. No good for nothing.  Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim too ugly or too this or too that.  Songs that run you down or poke fun at you on account of your bad luck or hard traveling.  I am out to fight those songs to my very last breath of air and my last drop of blood.  I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world and that if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops, no matter what color, what size you are, how you are built.  I am out to sing the songs that make you take pride in yourself and in your work."

    —Woody Guthrie, Born: July 14, 1912

    Renowned Cancer: Lady Diana and Nelson Mandela

    Henry VIII (June 28, 1491)
       King of England: 1509–1547
    Dr. John Dee (July 13, 1527)
       English Mathematician, Hermetic Philosopher, Alchemist, Inventor, Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I
    Saint John of the Cross (June 24, 1542)
       Spanish Carmelite Priest, Mystic, Poet; The Spiritual Canticle, Dark Night of the Soul, Ascent of Mount Carmel
    Jean Jacques Rousseau (June 28, 1712)
       Swiss Enlightenment Philosopher, Author; The Social Contract, Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    John Singleton Copley (July 3, 1738)
       American Portrait Painter
    John Quincy Adams (July 11, 1767)
       Sixth President of the United States
    Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (July 16, 1796)
       French Neo-Classical Landscape Illustrator, Painter
    George Sand (July 1, 1804)
       French Novelist; Indiana, Simon, Lélia, Mauprat, Consuelo, La Petite Fadette
    Nathaniel Hawthorne (July 4, 1804)
       American Short Story Writer, Novelist; The Scarlet Letter, House of the Seven Gables, Tanglewood Tales, The Marble Faun
    Giuseppe Garibaldi (July 4, 1807)
       Italian Military Commander, International Revolutionary
    P. T. Barnum (July 5, 1810)
       American Entrepreneur, Entertainment Show Producer, Founder of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
    Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817)
       American Transcendentalist Philosopher, Naturalist; A Week on the Concord & Merrimack Rivers, Civil Disobedience, Walden
    Camille Jacob Pissarro (July 10, 1830)
       French Impressionist Painter
    Maximilian I (July 6, 1832)
       Austrian-born Emperor of Mexico: 1864–1867
    James Abbott McNeill Whistler (July 14, 1834)
       American/English Illustrator, Painter
    Edgar Degas (July 19, 1834)
       French Impressionist Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor
    Chettur Sankaran Nair (July 11, 1857)
       Keralite Political Writer, President of the Indian National Congress, Sovereignty Reformist
    Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862)
       Austrian Symbolist, Art Nouveau Illustrator, Painter, Muralist
    Marcel Proust (July 10, 1871)
       French Essayist, Literary Critic, Novelist; À la recherche du temps perdu - In Search of Lost Time
    Calvin Coolidge (July 4, 1872)
       Thirtieth President of the United States
    Herman Hesse (July 2, 1877)
       German/Swiss Poet, Short Story Writer, Novelist; Demian, Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund
    George M. Cohan (July 3, 1878)
       American Dancer, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Playwright, Director, Producer; Give My Regards to Broadway, Over There
    Helen Keller (June 27, 1880)
       American Author, Public Speaker, Suffragist, Proponent of Workers' Rights; The World I Live In, Light in My Darkness
    Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882)
       American Realist Illustrator, Painter
    Franz Kafka (July 3, 1883)
       Bohemian Short Story Writer, Novelist; The Metamorphosis, The Trial, First Sorrow, The Castle
    Amedeo Modigliani (July 12, 1884)
       Italian Painter, Sculptor
    Marc Chagall (July 7, 1887)
       Russian/French Surrealist Painter, Stained Glass Artist
    Jean Cocteau (July 5, 1889)
       French Poet, Novelist, Painter, Designer, Film Director; La Voix Humaine, Le sang d'un poète, La belle et la bête, Orphée
    Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor (June 23, 1894)
       King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions; Only Monarch of Britain to Voluntarily Relinquish the Throne
    Charles Laughton (July 1, 1899)
       English Actor, Screenwriter; Les Misérables, Mutiny on the Bounty, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Witness for the Prosecution
    James Cagney (July 17, 1899)
       American Actor, Dancer; Public Enemy, The Roaring Twenties, Yankee Doodle Dandy, White Heat, Mister Roberts
    Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1899)
       American Short Story Writer, Novelist; The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Old Man and the Sea
    George Orwell (June 25, 1903)
       English Journalist, Novelist; Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Nice Cup of Tea
    Peter Lorre (June 26, 1904)
       Hungarian/American Actor; M, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace
    Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904)
       Chilean Poet, Senator, Ambassador; Veinte poemas de amor, España en el corazón, Alturas de Macchu Picchu, Canto General
    Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907)
       Mexican Surrealist, Symbolist Painter
    Barbara Stanwyck (July 16, 1907)
       American Actress; Baby Face, Stella Dallas, Ball of Fire, Double Indemnity, Sorry, Wrong Number, The Big Valley
    Estee Lauder (July 1, 1908)
       American Entrpreneur, Cosmetics Mogul
    Ginger Rogers (July 16, 1911)
       American Dancer, Vocalist, Actress; Girl Crazy, 42nd Street, Flying Down to Rio, Pick Yourself Up, Swing Time
    Woody Guthrie (July 14, 1912)
       American Folk Singer, Songwriter, Author; This Land is Your Land, Roll on Columbia, Pastures of Plenty, Bound for Glory
    Gerald R. Ford (July 14, 1913)
       Thirty-eighth President of the United States
    Olivia de Havilland (July 1, 1916)
       American Actress; Adventures of Robin Hood, Gone with the Wind, To Each His Own, The Snake Pit, The Heiress
    Susan Hayward (June 30, 1917)
       American Actress; Beau Geste, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, I'll Cry Tomorrow, I Want to Live!, Valley of the Dolls
    Lena Horne (June 30, 1917)
       American Vocalist, Actress, Civil Rights Proponent; Stormy Weather, Ziegfeld Follies, The Lady and Her Music
    Andrew Wyeth (July 12, 1917)
       American Realist Painter
    Ingmar Bergman (July 14, 1918)
       Swedish Screenwriter, Director; Det sjunde inseglet - The Seventh Seal, Smultronstället - Wild Strawberries, Persona
    Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918)
       First President of South Africa, Civil Rights Reformer
    Yul Brynner (July 11, 1920)
       Russian/American Actor; The King and I, The Ten Commandments, The Brothers Karamazov, The Magnificent Seven
    Isaac Stern (July 21, 1920)
       Ukrainian Classical Violinist; L'Arbre des Songes - The Tree of Dreams
    John Glenn (July 18, 1921)
       American Astronaut, First to Orbit the Earth, Senator
    Bill Blass (June 22, 1922)
       American Fashion Designer
    Pierre Cardin (July 7, 1922)
       French Fashion Designer
    Mel Brooks (June 28, 1926)
       American Comdeian, Actor, Screenwriter, Director;
    Bob Fosse (June 23, 1927)
       American Musical Theater, Film Choreographer & Director; Damn Yankees, Cabaret, Pippin, Lenny, Chicago, All That Jazz
    Gina Lollobrigida (July 4, 1927)
       Italian Actress; Beat the Devil, Trapeze, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Never So Few, Come September
    Neil Simon (July 4, 1927)
       American Playwright, Screenwriter; The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, Sunshine Boys, California Suite, The Goodbye Girl
    June Carter Cash (June 23, 1929)
       American Country Singer, Songwriter; Greystone Chapel, Hey Porter, Jackson, Ring of Fire
    Leslie Caron (July 1, 1931)
       French Dancer, Actress; An American in Paris, The Glass Slipper, Gaby, Gigi, Lili, The L-Shaped Room
    Oscar de La Renta (July 22, 1932)
       Dominican/American Fashion Designer
    Sydney Pollack (July 1, 1934)
       American Screenwriter, Director; Jeremiah Johnson, Three Days of the Condor, Absence of Malice, Out of Africa, Havana
    Georgio Armani (July 11, 1934)
       Italian Fashion Designer
    Lhamo Dändrub (July 6, 1935)
       Dalai Lama XIV; Tibetan Spiritual Leader
    Donald Sutherland (July 17, 1935)
       Canadian Actor; The Dirty Dozen, M*A*S*H, Kelly's Heroes, Klute, Ordinary People, JFK, Pride & Prejudice
    Kris Kristofferson (June 22, 1936)
       American Singer, Songwriter, Actor; Me & Bobby McGee, Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Lone Star
    Bill Cosby (July 12, 1937)
       American Comedian, Actor, Author; I Spy, Uptown Saturday Night, Fat Albert, The Bill Cosby Show, Fatherhood
    Natalie Wood (July 20, 1938)
       American Actress; Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause, West Side Story, Gypsy, Splendor in the Grass
    Ringo Starr (July 7, 1940)
       English Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Drummer for The Beatles; Yellow Submarine, It Don't Come Easy, Photograph
    Patrick Stewart (July 13, 1940)
       English Actor; Star Trek: The Next Generation, L.A. Story, Conspiracy Theory, Moby Dick, X-Men I, II, III
    Harrison Ford (July 13, 1942)
       American Actor; Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Witness, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, Air Force One
    Roger McGuinn (July 13, 1942)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist & Vocalist for The Byrds; Mr. Tambourine Man, Turn! Turn! Turn!
    Jeff Beck (June 24, 1944)
       English Rock Musician, Guitarist for The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group, The Honeydrippers, Big Town
    Carly Simon (June 25, 1945)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actress; Anticipation, You're So Vain, Nobody Does it Better
    Gilda Radner (June 28, 1946)
       American Comedian, Actress, Author; Saturday Night Live, Gilda Live!, Lunch Hour, Woman in Red, It's Always Something
    George W. Bush (July 6, 1946)
       Forty-third President of the United States
    Sylvester Stallone (July 6, 1946)
       American Actor, Screenwriter, Director; Rocky Series, Rambo Series, Cliffhanger, The Specialist, Copland, The Expendables
    Vincent Pastore (July 14, 1946)
       American Actor; Gotti, The Sopranos, Deuces Wild, Made, This Thing of Ours
    Linda Ronstadt (July 15, 1946)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter; You're No Good, Blue Bayou, Lush Life, Somewhere Out There, Don't Know Much
    Brian May (July 19, 1947)
       English Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist for Queen; We Will Rock You, I Want it All, Too Much Love Will Kill You
    Carlos Santana (July 20, 1947)
       Mexican Rock Guitarist, Songwriter; Evil Ways, Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Smooth, Maria Maria, Illegal
    Danny Glover (July 22, 1946)
       American Actor, Director; Places in the Heart, Silverado, The Color Purple, Lethal Weapon Series, Grand Canyon
    Albert Brooks (July 22, 1947)
       American Actor, Screenwriter, Director; Modern Romance, Lost in America, Broadcast News, The Muse, The In-Laws
    Don Henley (July 22, 1947)
       American Singer, Songwriter, Co-founder of The Eagles; Desperado, Hotel California, Dirty Laundry, End of the Innocence
    Todd Rundgren (June 22, 1948)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer; I Saw the Light, Hello it's Me, Can We Still be Friends
    Kathy Bates (June 28, 1948)
       American Actress; Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes, Dolores Claiborne, Titanic, Primary Colors, Revolutionary Road
    Cat Stevens (July 21, 1948)
       English Musician, Singer, Songwriter; Morning Has Broken, Oh Very Young, Wild World, Moon Shadow, Peace Train
    Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949)
       American Actress; The Deer Hunter, Kramer vs. Kramer, Silkwood, Out of Africa, The Hours, Mamma Mia!
    Anjelica Huston (July 8, 1951)
       American Actress; Prizzi's Honor, The Dead, Enemies, a Love Story, The Grifters, The Addams Family, The Life Aquatic
    Robin Williams (July 21, 1951)
       Canadian Comedian, Actor; Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting
    Dan Aykroyd (July 1, 1952)
       Canadian Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter; Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy
    Nanci Griffith (July 6, 1953)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter; Once in a Very Blue Moon, Lone Star State of Mind, Gulf Coast Highway
    Isabelle Adjani (June 27, 1955)
       French Actress; The Story of Adèle H., Possession, Subway, Camille Claudel, La Reine Margot, Diabolique
    Jimmy Smits (July 9, 1955)
       American Actor; Running Scared, The Believers, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, Star Wars: Episode II, The West Wing, Dexter
    Chris Isaak (June 26, 1956)
       American Musician, Singer, Songwriter; Blue Hotel, Wicked Game, Can't Do a Thing to Stop Me, Somebody's Crying
    Tom Hanks (July 9, 1956)
       American Actor, Director, Producer; Splash, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code
    Kevin Bacon (July 8, 1958)
       American Actor; Diner, Footloose, JFK, A Few Good Men, Sleepers, The Woodsman, Frost/Nixon
    Lady Diana Spencer (July 1, 1961)
       Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales
    Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962)
       American Actor, Producer; The Outsiders, Risky Business, Top Gun, Rain Man, A Few Good Men, Mission Impossible, Valkyrie
    George Michael (June 25, 1963)
       English Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist for Wham!; Careless Whisper, I Want Your Sex, Faith, One More Try, Jesus to a Child
    Chris Cornell (July 20, 1964)
       American Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist for Soundgarden, Audioslave; Black Hole Sun, Can't Change Me, Like a Stone
    John Cusack (June 28, 1966)
       American Actor, Screenwriter; The Sure Thing, The Grifters, City Hall, High Fidelity, Serendipity, Runaway Jury, 1408
    Pamela Anderson (July 1, 1967)
       Canadian/American Model, Actress, Sex Symbol, Author; Baywatch, Barb Wire, No Rules, Blonde and Blonder
    Will Ferrell (July 16, 1967)
       American Comedian, Actor; Saturday Night Live, A Night at the Roxbury, Elf, Bewitched, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers
    Vin Diesel (July 18, 1967)
       American Actor, Director; Saving Private Ryan, The Iron Giant, Pitch Black, The Fast and the Furious, xXx, Find Me Guilty
    Chris O'Donnell (June 26, 1970)
       American Actor; Scent of a Woman, Batman Forever, The Chamber, 29 Palms, The Company, Max Payne
    Kristi Yamaguchi (July 12, 1971)
       American Olympic Figure Skating Champion
    Tobey Maguire (June 27, 1975)
       American Actor; The Ice Storm, Cider House Rules, Wonder Boys, Spider-Man I, II, II, Seabiscuit, The Good German
    Liv Tyler (July 1, 1977)
       American Actress; Stealing Beauty, Inventing the Abbotts, The Lord of the Rings, Jersey Girl, The Incredible Hulk
    Michelle Kwan (July 7, 1980)
       American Olympic Figure Skating Champion, Most Decorated U.S. Figure Skater in History
    Priyanka Chopra (July 18, 1982)
       Indian Actress, Miss India World, Miss World 2000; Andaaz, Aitraaz, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Krrish
    Michael Phelps (June 30, 1985)
       American Olympic Champion Swimmer, All-time Olympic Gold Medal Leader
    Lindsay Lohan (July 2, 1986)
       American Actress, Singer; The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Georgia Rule

                  "I know my heart, and have studied mankind; I am not made like any one I have been acquainted 
                  with, perhaps like no one in existence; if not better, I at least claim originality."
                     —Jean-Jacques Rousseau  (Born June 28, 1712)

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