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Earthlore Introduction


Theme Introduction

Preface to Akhnaton

Historic Overview

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    William Theaux
    Biographical Timeline


    Born in Paris

    Enters Catholic High School

    Begins Studying the Writings of Psychologist Sigmund Freud

    Enters University Majoring in Psychoanalysis
    (Lacanian School)

    Meets F.Lefebure

    Receives Degree
    M.D. / Paris

    Receives Doctorate
    Ph.D. Psychiatry, Paris
    Extended Study Glossary of
    Dr. Theaux's Research and Theories:

      • Amenophis III : Reigned in Egypt between 1405-1367 Earthlore Historic Mysteries: Pharaoh Amenophis IIIBCE, the peak of power of the 18th dynasty. The reign of his family began with the recovery of a state previously devastated by northern invasions. This period lasted for two centuries during which Egypt flourished inhabiting the Nile to the delta, including Sinai (Israel), Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq. Amenophis III married Queen Tiy, a descendent of a Hebrew tribe. They were the parents of Akhnaton (Amenophis IV).

      Ahmad Osman : Born in Cairo, his first passion was the Greek theater. He studied law at Cairo University, moved to London in 1965 where he published "Stranger in the Valley of the Kings", in which he shows that Akhnaton was Hebrew on his mother's side. He also presents conclusive evidence showing Akhnaton to have been Moses. He confirms Freud's work on the theory of the murder, but credits it to the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I (1307 - 1291 BCE)

      Akhnaton Also: Akhenaton, Ikhnaton : Akhnaton (Amenophis IV), Pharaoh of Egypt about 1350 B.C.E initiated Monotheism with the introduction of worship of a singular God, the "Aton". This was a universal deity who transmitted life giving energy and manifested on the earth plane through the rays of the Sun. Akhnaton had banished the former political God,Amon, as well as all other lesser deities. To strengthen his new order he abandoned Thebes, relocating the capital to the world's first planned city -Akhetaton. Akhnaton's cultural revolution lasted only 17 years. Despite his historical significance, this Pharaoh's fate remains shrouded in mystery. No trace of his remains were ever recovered. After his demise, the Amon priesthood recovered its power and persecuted his memory.

      Aton : Aton was Akhnaton's name for the one universal God who transmitted life giving energy and ecological processes through the rays of the Sun.

      Christianity : Religion initiated with the life of Jesus Christ who taught the teachings of Moses, based on the Ten Commandments. The Christian faith accepts and maintains the Bible as unchallengeable sacred scripture.

      Ecology : A branch of science concerned with the pattern of interrelationship of living beings and their environments.

      Egyptology : A branch of science devoted to Ancient Egyptian civilization, sparked by Napoleon's African campaign during the early years of the nineteenth century. In western history and sociology, it remains a unique and specific branch of Archeology.

      Earthlore Historic Mysteries: Immanuel Velikovsky
      Immanuel Velikovsky : A progressive thinker, psychologist, and controversial Astronomer. His works are currently embraced after decades of disrepute, wrote "Oedipus and Akhnaton" which he suggested reading independently of his other works. He puts up a compelling theory that the Greek character Oedipus was actually the story of Akhnaton. Like Freud, he eludes to, but fails to secure the link between Moses and Akhnaton.

    Foundation Stone: The Holy GrailMysteries of Lost and Forgotten HistoryFree Newslettert: Aenigma

    Establishes Practice in Lyon, France

    Provides Jungian Psychoanalysis

    Publishes the book: 'Theaux' on the psychological implications of Artificial Intelligence

    Initiates the Psychological association UNEFPE;
    Develops the system: 'Plural Analysis'

    Develops the theory: 'Akhnaton = Moses' - Expanded further to include the parallels with Oedipus;
    Develops the theory of: 'The Physiology of Meditation'

    1986 - 1992
    Authors fifteen books on subjects ranging from; Linguistics; Genetics; Mass Psychology; Politics; Ecology; History (Religion, Egypt and Psychoanalysis) and the Physio-anatomy of Libido

    Suffers professional and legal persecution related to public revelation of theories

    Ceases practicing analysis in order to devote more time to investigating theories, leaves post at UNEFPE, begins three years of travels

    Experiences a breakthrough discovery in London while researching the lore of Hermes Trismegistus, pointing to direct identification with the Pharaoh Akhnaton; while in London, meets with Ahmad Osman

    Travels to New Zealand; Speaks at the United Nations before the SEAT organization

    Relocates to New York City; Establishes a forum on the Internet to promote dialogue
    on theories on the

    Establishes the CYBEK Foundation for research in Genetics

    Settles in Sarasota, Florida;
    Authors 'The Veil' with Z. Kelper

    "This new Capitol represented a single God in an open Cult, a nonviolent and nearly Democratic Society, a rational philosophy and nearly scientific schools of thought. Akhnaton planned the development of a single civilization which would comprise all of the territories appending the Isthmus, between Africa and Eurasia. But this ambitious leader, great writer and builder, may have overlooked how his projects provoked military threats. After a few years, his plans failed,and the Thebean politicians, among them the Amon priests who hated him for divesting them of their power, took advantage of both the military difficulties at the borders, and the economical turmoil in the country. They threatened Akhnaton as his entire Kingdom crumbled. Then, suddenly... Egyptology loses all trace of the King.  He vanished!"

    - Dr. Theaux

      Judaism : This religion appears six centuries BCE, but it is traceable to the Abraham lineage. Characterized by a belief in one transcendent God who revealed himself to Abraham, Moses and the Hebrew prophets, and by adherence to a religious life in accord with the scriptures of the Old Testament.

      Monotheist : A person who believes in the existence of only one God. Akhnaton founded a monotheistic religion in Egypt known as "Atonism".

      Moses : According to the Bible, Moses was a Hebrew reared in the Royal Court of Egypt. He killed an Egyptian soldier and fled Egypt. In exile, he discovered his divine calling: He would free his people from slavery and deliver unto them the laws establishing God's covenant with them. After conflicts with his followers, he disappeared, and was thought to have been killed. His supposed burial place has remained secret. Historians agree that he may have lived between 1450 and 1250 BCE

      'Moses and Monotheism' : by Sigmund Freud
      On publication of his book, Freud gave credibility to the research on the similarities between Akhnaton and Moses. Freud's theory was that Moses was an Egyptian, close to Akhnaton, and that he had been murdered in the Sinai. He omitted, in his book, an important reference work of his disciple Karl Abraham. Abraham compiled research to reveal the similarities between Akhnaton's history and the myth of Oedipus.

      Nefertiti : After Cleopatra, the most widely known Queen of Egypt, recognizable to us today due to her beautiful Earthlore Historic Mysteries: Egyptian Queen Nefertitilikenesses. History introduces her as the bride of the young Akhnaton. However, of her origins there is little definitive information. As the royal couple, they are represented together in many Thebean temples. She was a fervent support in Akhnaton's establishment of the Aton religion. She also administered in the creation of the new art forms of the cultural revolution. Due to the gradual disappearance of her name from historical records, we know as much about her demise as we do of her origins. Like Akhnaton, no remains of Nefertiti have yet been discovered.

      Nag Hammadi Manuscripts : A library of biblical scrolls dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries, discovered in 1945. The manuscripts were hidden some 1500 years before, by a group known as the Gnostics, a religious sect condemned by the mainstream Christian church of their day. First published in English about 1978, these texts are compiled from different periods by various authors. They are read from two perspectives: 1. The views the author was trying to convey and 2. The view of the reader, through his perception.

      Oedipus : Oedipus being the mythical son of Laius and Jocasta, who fulfills a fatalistic prophecy by killing his father and marrying his mother. Freud's Oedipus Complex suggests that the feelings a child has for the parent of the opposite sex may be a source of adult personality disorder.

      Plural Analysis : It is an individual - collective - environmental analysis system. It was developed by Dr. William Theaux as a new technique to foster a greater connection with our environment. It operates as a group dynamic to empower ecological progress. As a psychological process it looks to positive social interaction as a precursor to constructive environmental behavior. It is said that at the end of Freud's life, his one regret was that he did not succeed in bridging the individual and collective psychologies. He realized that to work, it needed to incorporate Ecology. The Plural Analysis System is an extension of the work Freud started. Working within it helped Dr. Theaux disclose the Akhnaton mystery.

      Sigmund Freud : At the beginning of the 20th century, Freud founded a practice called Psychoanalysis, which means analysis of the soul. He considered the myth of Oedipus to be the compulsive pattern of any civilized being. Freud's Oedipus Complex suggests that the feelings a child has for the parent of the opposite sex may be a source of adult personality disorder. It has been noted as 'ironic' that while both Akhnaton and Oedipus were both long term interests of Freud, 'he never saw the similarities between the two.'

      The Sinai : A peninsula in the northeast of Egypt extending between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Stated in the Old Testament as the crossroads of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Still unexplained, is the discovery of personal items bearing the seal of the family of Akhnaton in the midst of the Sinai.

      Dr. William Theaux : Dr. Theaux, is a native of France, and a noted psychiatrist, and ecologist. He founded the doctrine of Plural Analysis. He has spent the last 20 years investigating and revealing the mystery surrounding the three stages of the life of Akhnaton who lived about 1350-00 BCE Dr. Theaux has published twelve books on Plural Analysis and other subjects in the field of Psychiatry.

      Tutankhamon : The son of Akhnaton and possibly Earthlore Historic Mysteries: Egyptian Pharaoh TutankhamonNefertiti. He was reared in the city of Akhetaton. During the demise of Akhnaton's dynasty, the young Tutankhamon was moved back to Thebes. As a young teen it was not difficult for Tut to be manipulated by the Amon priests in their efforts to recover their lost power. Evidence shows that he died unnaturally, from an injury to his head, just prior to his twentieth year. His famous tomb is distinct in that it remains to this day the only dynastic burial chamber discovered intact by Egyptologists.


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