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Gothic Cathedrals

Cathedral Stained Glass For First Time Visitors:
The theme introduction offers an outline understanding of Earthlore's Gothic resources. Return here in the future for current features on the cultural, historic and spiritual legacy of the structures of the Gothic era.
  Gothic Cathedral Stone

Spire of Notre Dame de Paris GOTHIC CATHEDRAL FEATURE:
Notre Dame de Paris

GothicIt does not belittle other cathedrals to refer to Notre Dame de Paris as the 'World Ambassador of Gothic Cathedrals.' History's winding ways have already decreed as much. For many, their first concept of Gothic derives from some reference to this grand structure. It matters not whether we have physically visited Notre Dame, its persona dominates the Gothic landscape. Victor Hugo's famous novel featuring the moving characterization of the hunchback, Quasimodo, has served the notoriety of the cathedral well. Yet, factual history has claimed this aged lady as a prominent figure near the center stage of its own story.

Gothic Historic Overview : Notre Dame de Paris

Gothic Art Vista of Paris from atop Notre Dame - 45k
Gothic Art Vista of Notre Dame from the Southwest - 50k
Gothic Art View of Notre Dame from Southeast - 95k
Gothic Art Vista of Notre Dame from the Seine - 50k
Gothic History Interior of the North rose window - 165k
Gothic History View of the West facade, 1890s - 50k
Gothic Style Vista from the Southeast, 1890s - 40k
Gothic Style View of the Barricades, 1870s - 48k
  Gothic Cathedral Stone

Chartres and Canterbury

The first feature in Gothic Dreams Cathedral Profile series. The cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres resides at the very heart of Western spirituality.
    Gothic Era Introduction to the Cathedral Profile

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  Gothic Cathedral Stone

Cathedral Gargoyle MAJESTY OF STONE
An Earthlore On-line Gallery Featuring the Photography of Rhey Cedron. An Inspirational Exploration of Gothic Cathedrals.
    Gothic Style Viewing Guide : Introduction
    Gothic Style Gallery One : Structural Grace
    Gothic Cathedral Gallery Two : Transformed Light
    Gothic Cathedral Gallery Three : Sculpted Spirit

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    Cambridge History of English Literature,
The Literary Influence of the Middle Ages

Medieval literary studies undoubtedly encouraged the taste for such romantic effects as are beheld when abbeys or ruined castles are visited by twilight or moonlight; but the literary Gothic terror or wonder could be exercised without any more knowledge of the Middle Ages than Victor Hugo possessed, whose Notre Dame de Paris owes hardly anything of its triumph to medieval books. On the other hand, there was much literature of the Middle Ages known and studied in the earlier part of the eighteenth century without any great effect upon the aims or sensibilities of practising men of letters. There seems to have been no such prejudice against medieval literature, as there undoubtedly was, for a long time, against Gothic architecture. “Black letter” poetry and the books of chivalry were, naturally and rightly, believed to be old-fashioned, but they were not depreciated more emphatically than were the Elizabethans; and, perhaps, the very want of exact historical knowledge concerning the Middle Ages allowed reading men to judge impartially when medieval things came under their notice.

The Literary Gothic Terror or Wonder.

"Gothic Architecture has nothing to do with the Goths, but is a term of contempt bestowed by the architects of the Renaissance period on mediæval architecture, which they termed Gothic or clumsy, fit for barbarians."

E. Cobham Brewer, Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.


Gothic Cathedrals
Extensive Learning Glossaries: Where you get to Know Your Naves From Your Buttresses! Includes the primary must know terms for a Builder's Apprentice. A compendium of all you may ever want to know about the task of building a Gothic cathedral.

Gothic Era Must Know Terms for a Builder's Apprentice
Gothic Era Cathedral Components
Gothic Era Unique Cathedral Features
Gothic Church Decoration & Motif
Gothic Church Structural Design
Gothic Architecture Expression & Technique
Gothic Architecture Art Periods & Styles
  Gothic Cathedral Stone

The Earthlore Foundation Stone series provides an introductory understanding of a given subject or concept. These unique features serve as a supportive lesson to related elements in a featured theme.

Cathedral Art Rose Windows
Cathedral Art Romanesque
Cathedrals Gargoyles
Cathedrals Thomas Becket

Stained Glass Eve GOTHIC and MEDIEVAL

The Web has inspired a great variety of resources and features on Medieval history, art and literature. Our creatives have spent many long, late hours scrolling around the world to review for you the finest of these sites. The result is a formidable resource in itself; a guide for those seeking to compliment their explorations of Gothic Dreams.
  Gothic Cathedral Stone

Stained Glass Bishop

Help build the World's first Gothic cathedral of the twenty first century - here on the Internet!

Earthlore's Rosarium Sophia, the Medieval Cathedral Project is a new approach to learning, an exploration through the history, craft and spiritual intent involved in the construction of Gothic structures. The primary objective of the project is to provide a freely accessible, public repository produced by hundreds of contributors throughout the world.

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Principal Photography :   Rhey Cedron
Structural Design :  Mark Nelson   —   Research Assistant :  Walter McCrae
Support Production :  Henry Craig,  Joan Flandrin, Clara Kelly

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